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SmartWasteCollection (SWC) is a holistic R&D project aimed to improve urban waste management, fight food waste, boost food surplus donation, and encourage recycling through a technological approach based on Internet of Things (IoT), tracking software, a social network, and Big Data; complemented by a number of dissemination and awareness actions.

SWC addresses 4.0 trend to reduce time, enhance flexibility, and increase both quality and efficiency in waste collection and related services. Relevant improvement in recycling is expected by applying innovative tracking through low-cost standard devices as well as Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) of Big Data from complementary municipal waste collections services, such as mixed municipal waste, separate collections, transfer from waste stations or recycling centers, etc.

On the other hand, in Europe, in 2014, 122 million people (24,4%) were at risk of poverty or social exclusion and among them 55 million (9,6%) were not able to afford a quality meal every second day. At the same time, 90 million tons of food are wasted every year [1]. As many other territories in Europe, Asturias produces about 388.200 t/y Mixed Municipal Waste (369 kg/person/year), out of which food waste reaches about 105.600 t/y. Accordingly to the principles of the European hierarchy on waste, prevention should be the first option to reduce such a huge amount of food waste.   



SWC develops COOMIDA (coFood), an innovative technological and cooperative tool aimed to ease food donation (including food surplus), thus reducing food waste generation. COOMIDA connects donors, food bank, volunteers, and charities receiving food through a collaborative network for an efficient and sustainable management of food donations. Innovative KDD and gamification approaches are aimed to boost COOMIDA performances to improve networking and ease decision-making.

The technological sponsorship and collaboration of a municipal waste management company and its surrounding food bank ecosystem is expected to produce disruptive environmental and social synergies, thus reducing food waste and achieving a more inclusive society. Therefore, SWC project fits together European policies on food waste and smart cities & communities , and aspires to cross borders and reach European interest to be replicated.


Consortium partners:

COGERSA leads the project including dissemination/awareness actions and will be the case study applying SWC devices and software to control and improve a number of municipal waste collections, including municipal mixed waste, separate collection (paper/cardboard, light packaging and glass), transfer stations and recycling centers; oil collection, etc.

SADIM (Hunosa Group) will develop the core of SWC to support data collection and processing, as well as the linked application for the ecosystem of the Food Bank of Asturias Foundation.

ABAMobile, a company specialized on mobility consultancy and software development, will develop the software solution for on-board mobile devices to provide online information to the SWC core.

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PPAAFACSmartWasteCollection is considered of special interest by the Government of the Principality and the Asturian Federation of Councils, which encourage the whole Asturian society to share the values and to participate in the initiative COOMIDA


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Financial support:

SWC project is funded by the Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA) under Proyectos Tractores o Diferenciales Programme:

  • Duration:              December 2015 – October 2017
  • Total budget:        604020.68 €       
  • Grant:                  222881.97 €
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