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Logo BioGapsBioGaps, developed by COGERSA, is aimed at the capture of biogas from the landfill, providing valuable information on its vital state in order to improve energy production and decrease the environmental impact. COGERSA is a public consortium of the Government of Asturias (Spain) and its 78 municipal councils, whose target is to provide the most sustainable waste management in Asturias involving 3Rs promotion (Reduction, Recycling and Recovery) as fundamental to sustainable development. COGERSA know-how in biogas (producing electricity since 1989) and the contribution of two companies from Asturias, SADIM and IECP, have successfully contributed to create this new tool for landfill operators. BioGaps fills the gap between the conventional Scada systems and the operations on the landfill by displaying GPS information in a web viewer similar to that of GoogleMaps.

Screenshot of BioGapsHow does it work?:

Conventional Scada is configured to export events to a data base (SQL server Express). BioGaps captures information from this Data Base and friendly displays information in a web viewer in using a color code. BioGaps displays thousands of data in a visual way. The cartographic information associated to biogas parameters allows a simple, intuitive bird-eye view of the whole system, which provides great opportunities for optimization and enables easier planning. BioGaps 2.0 also has a powerful graphic system to display historical data of the items by clicking on them.


  • Conventional display tools (zoom, distances and area measurements, show/hide, etc.)
  • Counter of elements, distances between them, etc.
  • Display of current status of any system element
  • Display of user-configurable KML files to complete information on screen
  • Display of user-configurable maps (Google, etc.)
  • "Heatmap" display (methane, oxygen, valve opening)
  • Topic display (methane, oxygen, valve opening, lengths)
  • Access to historic graphics by clicking on each displayed item (flow, depression, methane level, oxygen level, etc.)
  • Advanced control on graphics
  • Data exportation to xls files

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